Ripples Massage Therapy


Client Experiences

Thanks for improving my health!
See you soon,"
-- Diane

"I started using Teri’s massage therapy services several years ago to relieve tension and stress from sitting and using the computer most of my day. While I initially started massage therapy as a way of pampering and taking care of myself, I’ve realized through regularly scheduled massage that it is an excellent way to prevent injuries from exercise. I am very active in several sports. Teri is able to detect knots in my muscles and can relieve the strain on my joints from that tension that causes knee, back or hip pain. She was able to relieve wrist pain that went unresolved through a visit with the hand surgeon and subsequent iontophoresis therapy. The cause was tight muscles and tendons up my whole arm, not just in the wrist. After several massage therapy sessions where Teri worked on my arm, the wrist pain resolved. I am committed to massage therapy as a part of my overall wellness plan that will allow me to comfortably enjoy my job and my activities for many years to come."
-- Katie Peterson

"I've been seeing Teri for approximately 3 years now and thoroughly enjoy each visit. Massage has made me so much more aware of my stress levels and about my body in general. I recommend Teri to everyone that is looking for massage and never intend to stop using her services. I've noticed a major reduction in things like tension headaches and pulled muscles in my back. She has given me suggestions about general healthy living styles and exercise that have helped change my lifestyle. For that and for "happy" muscles I thank Teri!"
-- Stacey, Grand Rapids